Cap Revolution Bottleman DX OP Eng Lyrics (Ready Cap! by Taiiku Okazaki)

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Ready Cap! English Lyrics - Taiiku Okazaki (Cap Revolution Bottleman DX Opening)

Boosting off with the force of a pinched hose nozzlee
Ready Cap! (Ready Cap!)
Bottle battle Go! (Bottle battle Go!)
Feels great to be fizzed full'a energy
Our days packed with all the fun we can envision
Ready Cap! (Ready Cap!)
Bottle battle Go! (Bottle battle Go!)

All you need is one push of the thumb..
To spur you towards your goals
Give your 100%! splash volcano!

It was ever since i reached out for that small light...
That shone from within the landfill...

I found something i can get sucked into...
My heart started racing befoce i had time to think...
I'm on the road to my dream, i impulsively jumped out towards...
Waiting for you at the end, MY SUPER HERO..

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