Classroom of the Elite 2 OP Eng Lyrics (Dance In The Game by ZAQ)

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Dance In The Game Lyrics - ZAQ (Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Opening)

A distorted anguish flits about within you
The jester falls down to their knees, one loss after another
I wonder if that butterfly ever broke free
Your passion burns with solitude....

I'm not interested in who i was yesterday
Those black and white replies are tow faced
The so called common sense is woven into prejudice
Light and darkness divides the majority...
Are you a fool pretending to be a genius
Or are you genius who foolishly keeps their real intentions hidden
Which goddess will have the last laugh...

Ambigious insanity desiccates my throat
Conceal your logic before the silhouette is defined...

Armchair theorizing is calledc just a dream
Light dwells within the reckless
Shake off the heavy breeze,
And display your strenght now..

Reveal the lies and the truths....

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