Love Live! Superstar!! 2 OP Eng Lyrics (WE WILL!! by Liella!)

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WE WILL!! English Lyrics - Liella! (Love Live! Superstar!! Season 2)

It's time for us to fight
Time for us to dance up a storm
We'll make our way all the way to the top
We won't lose, we'll win this time

Here we go!! x3
Do your best to become a better person than you were yesterday..
Get all fired up even if you don't know how far you can go

I want to laugh together with everyone
To discover a world that we've yet to find..
I'll definitely become stronger
Because i don't want to give up!

Are you ready?
It's now time for us to start up!
We'll shoot right for the stars
And let the fires in our hearts burn even brighter...

We'll make it happen
This very moment, with all our might
Looking at our dreams, it's all we can do

Now that we've met our wishes,
They full the fires in our hearts
We can do it......

Even the things that once seemed impossible
We will make them happen
I'll continue believing in it
That we will!

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