Shadows House 2 OP Eng Lyrics (Shall We Dance? by ReoNa)

11:26:00 PM

Shall We Dance? English Lyrics - ReoNa (Shadows House Season 2 Opening)

Let's laugh at our sorrows
Life is a marionette
When the heart swings
Would you like a cup of coffee..

Un, deux, deux x3 trois
I don't dance well..
Pain, resentment, sorrow
Mix them all up,
Knead them together
Kiss me good night

Shall we dance
Let us dance
Despair and Desire,
This is the Life!

Shadow Life!
Don't think about anything else
Let's be as one

How nice x2
How nice, How nice humans are....

lyrics credit + full lyric: 匿匿名名 (comment) @ ReoNa official YouTube channel

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