Suzume no Tojimari Trailer 2 Song Eng Lyrics (Suzume by Nanoka Hara)

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Suzume English Lyrics - Nanoka Hara (Suzume no Tojimari Trailer 2 Song)

Tu tu rurururu... hah.. x2

Red lines, blues lines you carry inside
Twe twain shall meet at the center of your heart
In a voice that withstands the wind
I'm bringing up the words to deliver..
Time is a sleeper..
Wind the soft skin..
Star is a cradle...
People are mirage....

If it's the tears that i can answer when asked why i'm crying
It's far from the meaning of us finding each other
It's the shout that this body alone will never be enough...

Found a heart that trembles only when i touch your hand
How many meanings must we get over to get there

Could be stupid..
Coild be ugly..
I want to go beyond what's right.. 

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