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Vinland Saga Season 2 Opening Lyrics - River by Anonymouz

Water running, stellar effort
Holding onto (any-any) anything 
All i want is to survive it
If i let go, will it be the end of me..

Got to my lung,
held on too long
Sweep me away, 
Right into the ocean..
Mighty river release my soul, 
i need to see the world
To the unknown, 
i'll go against my sorrow (sorrow..)

Mighty river release my soul out to the open road..
I can stay here forever in this hollow.. (hollow..)

Oh, river take me out, take me away river...
Oh, river take me out, take me out to thе unknown
(Out to the unknown..)

Ohh.. oh..ohhh
Wooahh.. ohhh.. ohhh
Into the ocean

lyrics credit: Shidiq Aerith (comment) @ MAPPA CHANNEL (youtube)

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