Tokyo Revengers 2 OP Eng Lyrics (White Noise by Official HIGE DANdism)

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White Noise English Lyrics - Official HIGE DANdism (Tokyo Revengers Season 2/Seiya Kessen-hen)

I'm roaring at my feet..
I'm going at breakneck speed..

Look for the whereabouts of the tail lamp that disappeared and go straight...
The voice of the wimp buried under the rubble..
No matter how much i hear you,
I can't hear you..

Before the regret of chasing me blocked my sight..
I'll rescue you again and again at the edge of the future that caught up....

I was smiling like a hero,
A and i saw your cheeks
I can't stop until i wipe it..
Oh yeah, i came to pick you up from the night..

No matter how many times i fail....

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