Jujutsu Kaisen 2 ED Eng Lyrics (Akari by Soushi Sakiyama)

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Akari English Lyrics - Soushi Sakiyama (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2)

Before my good will breaks down
I should have told you everything
A life of nights falling and relaxing
Cloudy feelings and fainting light..

If you are accepting that it can't be heldped
Even if you know that's all there is
It's not worth it. Significance
There is none
Something that seemed to be everywhere
I realized that it's only here
It can be a silly story
Show me your blushed face again..

So the moon is dark, head flight
Today i hold the oar
Nothing to look for, swaying love 
Concealing it anad living on
So the moon is dark, head flight
I couldn't go anywhere today
Sleeping, sleeping, to the brand-new morning

Loneliness under crying
No drawing bothersome lines
Memories are fragile
I have no use for yesterday
So the moond is dark, twisting light
where shall i go tomorrow..

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