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Beyblade X Ending Lyrics - ZOOM ZOOM by aespa

You know I'm not afraid to go..
Jump straight into the storm
Sit back, enjoy the ride (ok, ok)
I don't care what they say, i want it all for me
Can't stop me, let 'em all know that
I'm ready to take it on..
We can be extraordinary
Or maybe you're ok with just ordinary, huh?
This could be the end of me
So, i'ma bring you closer like my enemy, boom
Talk that talk, yeah, all you wanna
Walkin' through together
Show you what i got, extreme me
That's just what i like...

Kimi to tachiagaru tatakai mukau..
Yuzurenai omoi wo mamoru tame..
Hitomi sorasanaide
Tsugi no sekai e...
Zoomin' in, zoomin' in on ya

Zoom, zoomin', i'ma zoom, zoom in on ya
I'ma zoom in on ya
Zoom, zoom, tanoshimouyo
Zoom, zoom, kono shunkan wo...

Now, ya in my sights, i can't leave you behind
You know i'm doin' it my way, 'cause
I'm zoom, zoomin', i'ma zoom in on ya
Now, ya in my sights, I can't leave you behind
I'm gonna take it to the top 'cause
I'm zoom, zoomin', i'ma zoom in on ya

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