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It's Alright, It's Love OST Part 4 Lyrics - For You by Wheesung

ireunachime nunbibigo taeyangeul
duson gadeukhi umkyeojwieo haessareul
aju gakkeumeun deung dwieseo anajugo sipeun geudae geudae
nauisarang changbakke chumchudeon nabi cheoreom

hyanggiroun kkochi doeeo gyeote itgo sipeo oo ~
sumgilsu eomneun isungan tteollimeul
gajang dalkomhan kiseuwa sarangeul baby
modujugopeun naemaeumeul woo ye~ ~ All For You

ajugakkeumeun sujubeundeut nunbicheul
sarangseureoun moksoriro insareul
ireonmaeumi geudaeege deullilsuitdamyeon naneun naneun
nauisarang changbakke chumchudeon nabi cheoreom

repeat *

naranhi yeopeanja
haneureul barabomyeo ojik geudaeman
michildeusi sarang hago sipeun dan han saram

repeat *

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