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Fated To Love You OST Part 6 Lyrics - Goodbye My Love by Ailee

Nunmureun gieokhana bwa
Geudae jaril tto chaewowa
Jiwo bwado jiul suga eopsneun
Nae jeonbuga doen geudae

You bol suga eopseodo deureul su eopseodo
Geuraedo nan gwaenchanha
Ibyeori seulpeodo tto gaseumi siryeodo
Geudaeman haengbokhadamyeon useul su issdamyeon nan

Jiulsurok deo geuriwojigessjyo
Oneulboda deo nunmul heulligessjyo
Unmyeongcheoreom naegen dasi eopseul
Dan hana only you
Nunmulmankeum geudae haengbokhagil

Good bye my love
Gaseumeun algo issnabwa
Teojildeushan i geurium
Gamchwo bwado gamchul suga eopsneun
Nae simjangi doen geudae

You gajil su eopseodo manjil su eopseodo
Geuraedo nan gwaenchanha
Haneopsi apado tto nunmuri heulleodo
Geudaeman haengbokhadamyeon useul su issdamyeon nan

repeat *

Han beonjjeumeun nareul saenggakhagessjyo
Gakkeumssigeun uril chueokhagessjyo
Geugeomyeon dwae tto eonjenga mannal
Geunareul geudaereul
Gidaryeoyo jamsi annyeongcheoreom
Good bye my love

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