Colour My World Lyrics (Tokyo Ghoul OST) - Julia Shortreed

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Tokyo Ghoul OST Lyrics - Colour My World by Julia Shortreed

Walking home alone
After rain
The pavement is wet and smells sweet
like some flowers

Over the clouds tell me what you can see through
I narrowed my eyes and see a shadow of your smile

I've seen a lot of hellos and goodbyes
They left me behind never to be back again
But you showed up and
coloured my world

This is so true.....
How i feel for you and me

You make me want to be
The believer of life like I
I used to be before

I fold an umbrella
And i look up
At the blue sky to find me
I don't know myself

The rain drops and the little white lilies
Everything is new to me
Like another street

I've had a lot of gain and loses
But i think i know how much you mean to me
Nothing to be afraid
Colour my world

repeat *

You make me stronger than
Anybody could have been
Like no one did before...

lyrics credit + lyric on screen: heldenhaftig@youtube
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