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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OVA Ending Lyrics - oddloop by Frederic

Odotteru dake de taijou
Sore wo sokkax2 tte itte
Oshiawase ni tsuite touron
Nani ga seigi nanka tte omou

Namaiki sou ni gum kande
Sore mo ii na ii na tte omou
Telescope goshi no kanjou
Locker ni zenbu tsumekonda

Odottenai yoru wo shiranai
Odottenai yoru ga ki ni iranai
Odottenai yoru wo shiranai
Odottenai yoru ga ki ni iranai yo

Ki ni iranai yoru nante mou boku wa shiranai
Odottenai yoru ga nai yoru nante
Tottemo x2 taikutsu desu

Itsumo matteru dance hall wa matteru
Kawatteku x2 kizu darake demo matteru
Hora odotteru dance hall no mirai ni
Iro wo nutte ikuru no wa anatax2
Dance wa egao de matteru

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