Ashita o Narase English Lyrics By Kavka Shishido (Fairy Tail OP 22)

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Fairy Tail Opening 22 Eng Lyrics (Ashita o Narase - Kavka Shishido)

You bit your lips
Lamenting the unreasonable
It shouldn't be like that
I wipe my tears

You are simply useless
I won't protect you
And i keep steadily in this way drenched in tears
The fight will be now

It's alright
Once you decide with your heart
Don't look back
You'll forever be my friend...

Now, scream
Now, keep ahead, don't stand still
Because, we're still going

kick out this annoying hesitation
And advance to scatter the destination
I'll tightly hold your hands...

Cut an opening
In the throbbing beat that sounds the tomorrow
I'll be strong for you
And fulfill that promise..

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