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Dimension W Opening Lyrics - Genesis by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

I don't know what i should do now
With every strength i can take to break enemies

Zetsuen tai no you no you na hyoujou de
Teikou hinan koujitsu o
Kyoushin kobamu riyuu nante
Woohuwooo... x2

Why don't you ever try
I won't let you down come along with me
Taking back my way

Why don't you ever try
Kakushin wa sono te ni aru
I'm waiting for till the break of dawn

Taking back
Sabitsuita ishi demo ii
Just change the world
Kakumei ni nita

Calling back
Tell me what's wrong with the society
That everybody is saying ok
Low resistance of high zest inner cells
Rebuild the coil the is no lie

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