HOW CLOSE YOU ARE English Lyrics By Mamoru Miyano (Ajin ED)

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Ajin Ending Eng Lyrics (HOW CLOSE YOU ARE - Mamoru Miyano)

If there’s a wish that may come true
Then I’ll choose to
Stay with you, close to your heart
Forever, I’ve been
Searching for some kind of sign
Even in the darkness
Hoping to find the light
To lead the way

"As I look up to the stars”
Though we’re apart
We’re connected by this sky
No matter how far

Cause deep within inside my heart
The sky’s slowly falling down
And your smile and all your warmth
They’re breaking down

"Heal me!"

“Until I’m well, I’m waiting”
"Replace the lonely things”
I thought I knew and understood
The truth about loving someone
"If we can never think that”
“This burden fall away” then
We’ll lose the things that’s meant the most
And realize the meaning of true love then

“I’d take your love just to go through war”

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