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Zenryoku Batankyuu English Lyrics By AOP (Mr. Osomatsu OP 2)

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Osomatsu-san/Mr. Osomatsu Opening 2 Eng Lyrics (Zenryoku Batankyuu - AOP)

It's an emergency!
I know you're a busy, young man
But the world is going crazy all over..

Taking great when care face to face
Your youthful life is a flurry of falling petals..
Always sobbing, and oh so lazy
You've got a tear-jerking trendiness
A circle, triangle, and square later
It's see you again tomorrow..

Go for it!
Passing out with all your might
Tonight you'll be sleeping like a baby
But back to eager attention at the signal
You do everything with flying colors

No matter the night, the sun will always rise again
No let's go now's the time! let's dive right in!..
Suddenly non-rem dreaming
Rolling around like a stray cat

For this generally perfect society
There the title is, Osomatsu-san...

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