Junshin Always English Lyrics By Azusa Tadokoro (Musaigen no Phantom World ED)

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Musaigen no Phantom World Ending Eng Lyrics (Junshin Always - Azusa Tadokoro)

With the new me
No matter when
I want to see you
So everyone, please smile...

Now that i've found something i like
It's really a one way street
It's not enough
I want to convey it to someone

I end up crying if i'm feeling too happy
And end up laughing if i'm feeling too sad
This daily life really gets my heart racing..

My dreams will surely inflate blurily before bursting right away
That day when i felt frustrated
No need!
We should hold hands
From now on

That's right
It'll come true..
(I'll be able to do it for sure)

Just like birds fly in the sky
Just like the stars decorate the night sky
I want someone to look at me
As if it's the normal thing to do

I'm not alone anymore
The morning i greeted with a blank heart
Ah, pinch my cheeks
So let me sent you my liveliness

All right
The changing sceneries
I want to see them together with you
All right
With full force, of course
Being innocent is all right

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