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Boku dake ga Inai Machi/ERASED Opening Eng Lyrics (Re:Re: - Asian Kung-Fu Generation)

I've waited for you
As long as I could
Relentless days elapsed and started anew
Stopped from where I stand, and tried to look back
To endless todays of grief that I once had

Even my memories and things I had to leave
will never last long through this eternity
I'm tearing apart since the very start
and crying up inside in the corner of my heart but please

Don't ever lose what's left
Of all these fleeting days that we have spent
I did have my regrets, just like that day that I've missed my chance

I've waited for you
As long as I could
Relentless days elapsed and started anew
I'm tearing away myself again today
Inflicting unforgettable wounds on myself

Woowooo.... x2
It has to be you
Owooo.. Yeahh... x2

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