Story English Lyrics By Kensho Ono (Luck & Logic OP)

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Luck & Logic Opening Eng Lyrics (Story - Kensho Ono)

I was yelling with sensuous impulse
I got the feeling you were gonna go somewhere far away..
I want to see you..

I could have said it in a parallel world
I wouldn't have feared a thing id it'd been within a dream..
Back then, when i was running away from reality
I was walking on and on through days of regret..

I want to see you! x2
I was calliing your name
Unable to make it through
We'll never be able to go back to that day..

1 day i'll fall in love
With someone else - on a different path in a parallel story
Sending this daybreak lovesong to you
I sang to the morning sun rising in the sky

I want to change! x2.. yeahh
Wishing strongly
I turn to face tomorrow..

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