white forces English Lyrics By fripSide (Schwarzesmarken OP)

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Schwarzesmarken Opening Eng Lyrics (white forces - fripSide)

I've nothing but aimless despair
Living in the only fight left to me
As this world falls apart
The only thing i can believe in, is the pain in this heart...

Wrap yourself in mysterious force
I want to be alive with your energy

Allying myself with the dark fate that arises
I grasp an infinite number of darknesses
Amid this battle
I'm challenging myself
To go beyond who i was the day before

Even that day i cried
Frozen in grief
Will merely become a shield
Allowing me to approach the truth..

Because i have that day
Where i resolved to protect what's right
This black verdict ringing out
Is cloaked in new strength by the vows hidden in my heart..

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