HEROES English Lyrics By Glay (Diamond no Ace 2 OP 4)

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Diamond no Ace Season 2 Opening 4 (HEROES - Glay)

Woowoo... woowooo... x6
Right now, this is who i am
(It's just my life)
I'm sure my future self will be a better man
(It's just my style)

I'll accept that what i see may not mirror my dreams
And walk down this endless road believing all along
In a flower that won't wilt and a sky that won't stop shining

Until happier times arrive, i won't fear loneliness
I won't give up tomorrow, either

I'll keep fighting
(It's just my life)
I won't doubt, I'll keep fighting
(It's just my style)
Slowly but surely, i'll keep fighting

I can see the cloud and i can feel the winds
I'll always believe in myself


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