Signal Graph English Lyrics By Annabel (Love, Election & Chocolate OP)

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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate/Love, Election & Chocolate Opening Eng Lyrics (Signal Graph - Annabel)

You're smiling right there
I could even reach out with my hand
But even if you're so close i could touch you
I'll just pull it back and hold it in because i don't need to
And pretend that i don't know about my feelings about to explode

Even when the sky is cloudy and crying
Above them the skies are clear and bright, wherever you go..
When the signal changes

Raise your hands in the air and give a shout
Take me with you to the future
The one that you thought you'd never go because you were so scared

I found that you and something is you can shine so brightly
So look straight ahead of you right now
I'll take the first step there with you..

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