Burst Finish! Lyrics (Beyblade Burst Opening) - Tatsuyuki Kobayashi

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Beyblade Burst Opening Lyrics - Burst Finish! by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi

Beyblade! hajimeyou..
Mezasou ze, saikyou ni bureida..
GO! burst! x3 beyblade burst
GO! burst! x2 GO! X2 Go! burst!

Dare datte mottenda
Kachitaitte kanjou to..
Kimi dake no beiburedo..
Sou, mukiatta hyoujou ni
Tsuyoku naritaitte
kimochi ga hora

Shoot! mawari dashita yume no
Kodou (burst) atsuku (burst) hajike (burst) takanariau..
3, 2, 1! Go shoot!

Zettai katsundatte (go! burst!)
Honki no omoi doushi ga (go! burst!)
Butsukattara (burst! x4)
Kizuna ga umareru no sa (go! burst!)

Ketteiteki shunkan (go! burst!)
Oikakeau issho ni (go! burst!)
Mau yomaranai
Kimeru no sai! kyou! (go!)
Basuto finisshu o..

3, 2, 1! Go shoot!

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