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Sharanran feat. 96 Neko Lyrics (Flying Witch Opening) - miwa

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Flying Witch Opening Lyrics - Sharanran feat. 96 Neko by miwa

Shanranran... sora o
Tonde kono machi o miwatasu no..
Minna to iru to chigattemieru

Kitto wasureranai..
All my friends...

Atafuta mayocchatte
Okuresou nano gomen ne..
Ikou to omotteta omise
Teikyuubi datta mitai nano...

Mata doji shichatta na
Konna atashi dakedo
Tomodachi de itekurete
Hontou ni arigatou..

repeat *
Fushigi na kurai ni..

Toppingu supaishii na
Mahou de karafuru na mainichi..
Chotto kawatteru kurai ga ii essensu
Kitto wasurerarenai..
All my friends...

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