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Message English Lyrics By Rei Yasuda (Ace Attorney ED)

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Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!/Ace Attorney Ending Eng Lyrics (Message - Rei Yasuda)

Suddenly, late at night
I write a message..
From my fears come words that ring true
And i hope maybe that they'll soothe you

Whether days are clear or gray
Or lightning fill the skies
Know i'll stay here next to you
I will be here by your side...

Through the darkness and the pan
And regrets that fill you so
Raise your head and march on forward, breathe deep and
Just let it all go..

Then together we can see all the things still yet to be..
And if your heart can't go on this way, remember what i'd say..

After always comes a smile
No matter how much your may cry
Whether lost or sad or broken down
You can find your wings and be alright..

All you are is all i hold dear
So please feel my heart beat for you
And dawn will always come again
So come on, don't give up now
Time flies forward..

And with it your dreams come closer
Just take a step
Then together, in fields of gold
We will see the light...

Mix by Kanono
Vocals by Jane (redasatomato)
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