Answer English Lyrics By BUMP OF CHICKEN (3-gatsu no Lion OP)

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March comes in like a lion/3-gatsu no Lion Opening Eng Lyrics (Answer - BUMP OF CHICKEN)

I remember those magic words..
The name of the place where that rainbow began..
That's when my entire world was stained in color
In a single instant..

My true voice is constantly
Showing me the proper path
It's because it doubts everything..
That i trust so firmly in it
The fact my heart is beating
The fact my breaths continue flowing in and out
The fact my heart remains so warm
There's a reason for them all..

Like a galaxy beyond the clouds
Like a ticket that i lost somewhere
Like events that happened before i was born
You hold it in your hand...

That's one thing i do know, i know it...
I'm the only one who knows, i'm the only one...

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