Chaofan Music English Lyrics By Arukara (Dragon Ball Super ED 6)

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Dragon Ball Super Ending 6 Eng Lyrics (Chaofan Music - Arukara)

Hello! 5,6,7,8! x2
Super! Thank you! Fried Rice! Tasty!....

Riding on a ladle
I don't even know its name
A four-thousand-year-old monster (monster!)
Mixing it all up
And then it's finished in ni time
Mysterious story..

Softly sprinkling in the spices
It's the world's biggest obsession
Here, bon appétit

My passion's on a rampage
A chinese spoon in my right hand
It's time to finish them off...

repeat *
Super! Thank you! Fried Rice! Music.......
Yeahh.. hah!

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