Empty Heart Lyrics By Anly (Naruto Shippuden OP 20)

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Naruto Shippuden Opening 20 Eng Lyrics (Kara no Kokoro/Empty Heart - Anly)

What is able to shine upon an empty heart?
I'll keep screaming until it sees the light...

Falling through the cracks, we are falling down to darkness
I won't ever let go of your hand
Tell me the story of your life, we're still halfway there..
I'll never give up on you
The urges are uncontrollable, the casual days are only about love
Wherever i go i feel this familiar wind, and i aways hear your voice
The underdog just wanders around, but that's better than giving up

If even you don't trust yourself, then who will be able to trust you?
Catch that light with your hand...

Oh Yeah..

Shining through the clouds, falling down to darkness
I won't ever let go of your hand
Tell me what's on your mind, tell me all your dreams..
I'll help you reach them, we'll never give up
Even if it becomes annoying that this life gives us no answers
Don't give it up!
Keep it up!
Turn it upside down..
Our hearts are conected and even if we get separated..
So let's keep living on, together....

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