Dashing Pendulum English Lyrics By M!LK (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V ED 6)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Ending 6 Eng Lyrics (Dashing Pendulum - M!LK)

I dropped my wallet this morning when i wondered from the stairs today..
My clothes got drenched by the sudden rain...

But isn't life filled with ups and downs
Nothing's wrong even if i get myself lost....

Am i just a little taller taday..
Isn't the sight of a little sadness good....
If you miss your first step, the second one will never jest "happen"
It's pointless to stress over it though......
Let's Joy!
Its nonsense to worry about every little centimeter...
Over and over and over again your head will spin..
Rather than letting your imagination dream of the future

Let's Joy!
The pendulum is your trump card...

And nor matter, matter, matter, how depressed someone is..
Everyone always laughs with a little inspiration
So smile! its not hard.. (I know even you can even smile!)
So laugh! value the silly things....

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