Be The One English Lyrics By PANDORA ft. Beverly (Kamen Rider Build OP)

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Kamen Rider Build Opening Eng Lyrics (Be The One - PANDORA feat. Beverly)

I'm going to
Keep walking to tonight..
Moving on straight ahead
Leaving only a single set of footprints ahead of me...
It seems so vast,
But i get the feeling you're out there
Waiting for me somewhere
With a smile that never fades
There you will...

Be the one x2
All right!
Who'll never make the earth future cry again

Be the knights x2
All right!
You can become stronger
I wanna get it

The one who helping, saving, and embracing
Toughing our hearts so that it can reach out
Be the one, be the knights
Message, Gonna sent it, gonna echo...

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