Torikago English Lyrics By XX:me (DARLING in the FRANXX ED)

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DARLING in the FRANXX Ending Eng Lyrics (Torikago - XX:me)

Throgh the classroom window
I aimlessly ask the sky..
What am i alive for?
I don't get it
I'm only taught things i don't want to know
Before i knew it,
I'd even lost my own words..

The ideal me drawn on nextbook margins..
Doesn't take orders from the adults
And is free like a flying bird....

Even though you've shown me a dream
You won't give me the power to make it come true?
This only makes it more painful...

Even the lenght of my skirt
Is decided for me..
I can't do the things i want to
Where am i..?

There's a voice in my heart saying..
I'm here...
Even though the sky is so beautiful....

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