Tokkou Dance English Lyrics By Franchouchou (Zombieland Saga Ending Episode 9)

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Zombieland Saga Ending Episode 9 Eng Lyrics (Tokkou Dance - Franchouchou)

Whether it's taking over kyushu or the whole damn country...
Anybody who wants to laugh is dead meat

Huuu... huouu...
Good to have you!

I might not be easy to get along with..
But i'll get through this the hard way, and it's good to have you along for the ride!
Huuuoo... huouuoo...
Good to have you!
Rip it up!
Ride x2
Ride x2
Even if you die....

You've got a fist to show people what you're all about..
No past, no tomorrow either!
You've gootta bloom in the moment...

It's more than you ever barhained for..
When the stray dogs strut their stuff!
And this night is an endless suicide ride!
That never ends.....

Huouuoo... x2
Good to have you!

Good to have you along for the ride!

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