Innocent Notes English Lyrics By Ayana Taketatsu (Grimms Notes The Animation OP)

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Grimms Notes The Animation Opening Eng Lyrics (Innocent Notes - Ayana Taketatsu)

Innocent Notes
I will escape from the world where i am..
To the free sky......

Wearing borrowed glass shoes..
I can not walk well..
I will seek the great radiance
Of a bright morning..

Right now..
I wonder if..
Am i acting according to the script..
I am sure that i will choose the same answer...

Here (here..)
Many times (many times..)
It does not matter how much you do it

Innocent Notes
The only history of this world.. Sure!
Is written secretly..

At the end.. of the night sky, there is no name today
A small star.. is shining
Be the protagonist of the story..

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