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Dancing to Night Kimi e no Saidan Warp Kouro Lyrics (RobiHachi Ending) - Allo&Gras feat.Yang

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RobiHachi Ending Lyrics - Dancing to Night -Kimi e no Saidan Warp Kouro- by Allo&Gras feat.Yang

Funky boogie oh dancing shakin
Funky woogie oh dancing breakin

Hoshigari dansu biito..
Kousa suru night and day..
Itsudatte surechigai..
Sora ni saku hoshi no you..
Party night sawarenai
Sawage night night night fooebaa
Party time sawaritai..
Sawagi tight tight tight rimenbaa

Keep on dancing x2
Fankii beibebe
Keep on grooving x2

Danshingu naito get up get up
Odoriakase sora miagete..
Guruubin naito sou kitto..
Omoi wa gurabiti...

Doriimingu naito want me want me
Kimi e no waapu kouro saitan de..

La la la te wo totte..
Kimi to fantajii...

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