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Gravitational Collapse Lyrics (Fairy Gone Insert Song Episode 12) - (K)NoW_NAME

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Fairy Gone Insert Song Episode 12 Lyrics - Gravitational Collapse by (K)NoW_NAME

I've been inside and closin' eyes..
Not being myself and not denyin'
That we're born alone and we're dyin' alone

But through the tears that we have shed
It's clear and simple, wanna bet?
We are made to live for others...
No one can live all bye themselves...
That's why we have one another...

I won't be afraid..
I won't look behind or turn on this road
Cuz you & i we aren't here by our selves

I will be okay..
Gravitation won't do me any harm
Cuz l've got you, It's me for you..
And always yo for me....

We're never ever alone.....

Never be afraid
Never look back to the past you've wandered
It's still a path that brought you here (with me..)

You will be okay..
Even When you feel so fully powerless

Cuz i've got you
It's one for all....
And all for one....

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