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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Exceed Lyrics (Fairy Tail: Final Season Ending 4) - Miyuu

Fairy Tail: Final Season Ending 4/Fairy Tail Ending 26 Lyrics - Exceed by Miyuu

Kono sakamichi wo agattara machi ga mioroseru no..
Aitao hito wa kitto onaji you ni sugoshiteru...
Ano hi no kotoba wo amda oboeteru yo..
Dareka no tame ni tatakatteru...
Ienai kizu mo aru deshou..
Wakariaenai to nageite..
Kanashii me de waratte miseru

Kimi wo zutto motto toberu basho e tsurete itte ageru...
Dakara sono te wo hanasanaide..

Bokura kitto zenbu
Uketomete auite iketa nara...
Dare ni mo makeru hazu nai yo

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