TRI-ALIVE English Lyrics By Kirisame Undertaker (SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden ED)

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SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Ending Eng Lyrics (TRI-ALIVE - Kirisame Undertaker)

Woo oo wooo x2

Without regrets,
Let's live and fall together.
We pledge at a peach orchard.

Words and reason are usesless
We don't know how to change our way
We don't know my home nor a place to go
My base is closed off....
Don't hang onto any delusion
Truths and instincts in our heart
We have to fight against the illusion
No matter what we've lost..

My hopes and pledges keep leading me...

Even if no corrent answer,
We can leap the problem.
Because powerful wishes are with us..

You don't have to give me any future,
As i'm full of it.

Let's move on bye cutting through the darkness....
By lighting up a sword wielded in my hand..

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