MORE THAN LiKE English Lyrics By BiSH (Fairy Tail OP 26)

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Fairy Tail Opening 26/Fairy Tail Final Series OP 4 Eng Lyrics (MORE THAN LiKE - BiSH)

Keep picking up pieces, keep on traveling
If you can go beyond the shattered tears..

I can not understand
About people
Such sad image
Ooheyy... I will get rid of it
Heyy... Let's get started
I can not throw it away because i'm too sad....

Your words than anyone your answers more than anything..

I want to make sure i want to keep shaking..
Even now, though still
Ohh.. ohh..

Whom's my words from above all my answers...
I want to put it out
I want to see the same toko...
Ohh.. ohh...

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