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OVER THE TOP English Lyrics By Hiroshi Kitadani (One Piece OP 22)

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One Piece Opening 22 Eng Lyrics (OVER THE TOP - Hiroshi Kitadani)

One Dream One Wish
If you want to make it came true
Over The Top.....

Setting out into the unknown world
Wearhering rough wind and waves..
I have keep going because
I want to get there first..
Worry later since it's all sink or swim anyway...

When your opponent look daunting...
It's a sihm that your heart is shrinking...

Running away is not a choice
Take one step closer
Being called insolent's a compliment, right
When things become tough, that's when you should laugh....

If you want to look for a new tomorrow
Polish your unique confidence....

Until your foorsteps
Yes! Become a map...

A new horizon, look, how far you've come
It's brighter nad the level of difficulty rises....

Live in your dream and raise a hurricane..
Now! stir up the rankings......

One Dream One Wish
Dreams don't run away...
Knock everything out...

Over the top..

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