1 2 3 English Lyrics By After the Rain (Pokemon 2019 OP)

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Pokemon 2019 Opening Eng Lyrics (1 2 3 - After the Rain)

Hey rush, rush, rush! Hurry up!
Are you ready to go on adventure
Let me show this amazing world
You don't need to say goodbye
Through the fire and the water
Through the day like I couldn't see the end
I can't even know what will happen in next moment

But our all beautiful memories
Are in Poke Ball every moment

One, two, three, then jump up!
The dream I used to dream is in my pocket
"Nice to meet you" is always a nice chance to meet you

Chuck your hesitant (chuck!) Try (try!)
Let's have a fight!

One, when you do battle
Two, whether you smile or cry
Three, whatever we are friends

That day or even this day, we always do so
The boundless and unknown world is in over there, but

Let's go, fall down, then skinned your leg
Let's go, and you're still keep walking
That's why I choose you!

lyrics credit: 赤嶺 (comment) @ https://youtu.be/autDBMzApNY

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