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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Nemuru Honnou Lyrics (Beastars Ending 2) - YURiKA

Beastars Ending 2 Lyrics - Nemuru Honnou by YURiKA

Ai shite mitai ya x2
Kimi no te ni
Furete mitai ya ya

Koroshite shimaitai x2
(kowai yo..)
Kuruoshii hodo
Hikarete iku

Hibiwareta garasu... Utsuru
Mukidashi no kiba ga yugamu
Mangetsu no yoru wa...
Minikui nigai amaku uzuku

Ochite shimatte ii kai..
Tabete shimatte ii kai
Fujun na koukishin ga sawagu

Donna fuu ni mitasu no..
Donna fuu ni kakimidasu no..
Nemureru honnou...

repeat *

Mezamete iku

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