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MAYDAY Lyrics (Fire Force Opening 2) - coldrain

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Fire Force/Enen no Shouboutai Opening 2 Lyrics - MAYDAY feat. Ryo from CRYSTAL LAKE by coldrain

Take what you got and leave now..
You're wearing out your welcome
No one here wants to see you, hear you..
Think that you've won from day one
But soon the devil will come..
You know just why he wants you, don't you?
Your crooked desire left us in disarray
Misguided, divided at the point of no return
You started a fire, you're gonna watch it burn

Try to save yourself like you always do...

Every bridge we build....
You think it's yours to burn it down, just burn it down
When everything is gone...
You'll wish you only heard us out, heard us out..
Screaming mayday

Mayday...... x5

lyrics credit + full lyric: youtube coldrain

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