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Nounai English Lyrics By Lenny code fiction (Fire Force ED 2)

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Fire Force/Enen no Shouboutai Ending 2 Eng Lyrics (Nounai - Lenny code fiction)

When i look at the imaginations in my mind, i return to myself
Keep forcing my right decisions
It's like a devil that devours me inside..

That person who attacked me with his claws..
Use those same claws to protect someone
The weapons became my wounds and my shield, what is life about?
A secret that nobody know seems to disappear but it doesn't
I been holding on to it while i was spending the night in the fire

The more attracted i feel the more smile ignorantly
And what used to compose the past takes control
The all that range of emotions that i breathe
Don't want to take them, i don't have the experience

repeat *

They don't get in my way anymore
Because those ideals can't kill me...

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