One Small Step Lyrics (Dr. Stone Insert Song Episode 24) - Laura Pitt-Pulford

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Dr. Stone Insert Song Episode 24 Lyrics - One Small Step by Laura Pitt-Pulford

No where to turn
No where to hide
Between a rock and a hard place
Someone to find
I know that times are tough,
Just down and out putting my faith in tomorrow
I'm ready to go but I don't know where to start
Each and every road seems to be calling to me
Pulled in every which way, so I made my own path
A deep breath and my best foot forward...

One small step from zero
I'm not afraid
Cuz the world that we want is right here for us to make
Just taking one small step to hero
I'll take the chance
And when I do
I'll be thinking of the same thing I always do...
It's always you...

All the hope we have is right here in our hands
The future's left unseen, just a blank page..
All the strength i need is right here in me
Just need one small step to carry on....

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