Yume no You na English Lyrics By YouthK Saeki (Dr. Stone ED 2)

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Dr. Stone Ending 2 Eng Lyrics (Yume no You na - YouthK Saeki)

Please tell it again, this story that i love
I don't mind if it’s just a dream...

If yesterday is past and done, today will pass by too
I guess somebody thought that would make a cool rule
A hundred million years can feel like just a single day
It makes it seem so fast we'll get there right away!
Even as time is passing by
My heart is gonna keep on beating
These are the things that never change!

Please tell it again, this story that i love
Even if it's a dream, i will always believe
And keep moving on
Would you please let me hear
Your voice ring out again
Those feelings deep down in my heart
Are feelings that never will change

I'll be here waiting for you...

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