Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ending 12 Eng Lyrics (Fireworks - FlowBack)

Oh life is fireworks..
From the inside to the outside..

Wow wow.. x2

I can't find the answer
The end of horizon
I was born into this world someday
Still before dawn
Run through the darkness..
Where do you fo for gait
On the road without anyone
The sun also rises again..

Hey! Wake up! Shine
Burn your heart
Don't look back!
Cross the night...
We are freedoom

In the night sky..
Wow wow..
Oh life is fireworks...
Burn your heart

Today is a new day aim for above just go forward at any time
Keep your feet still run it up the answer is in myself keep it up
Wow wow..

Life is fireworks.. Wow wow.. x2

lyrics credit + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: https://youtu.be/Td6IgAh5u68
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