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Fireworks Lyrics (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ending 12) - FlowBack

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ending 12 Lyrics - Fireworks by FlowBack

Oh life is fireworks..
From the inside to the outside..

Wow wow.. x2

Kotae wa mitsukaranai mama
Chiheisen no hate
I was born into this world itsuka no
Mada yoake mae
Kurayami wo kakiwakete hashitru..
Ashidori wa doko e yuke no
Dare mo inai michi no saki ni
The sun also rises again..

Hey! Wake up!
Kagayake kokoro wo moyase
Don't look back!
Yoru wo koero...
Bokura koso furiidamu

Sakasou yozora ni..
Wow wow..
Oh life is fireworks...
Kokoro wo moyase!

Today is a new day
Mezashi haruka ue
Donna toki mo mae ni susumu dake

Ashi wa tomezu ni
Run it up
Kotae wa jibun no naka
Keep it up
Wow wow..

Life is fireworks.. Wow wow.. x2

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