Isekai Showtime English Lyrics (Isekai Quartet 2 Opening) - Ains, Kazuma, Subaru & Tanya

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Isekai Quartet Season 2 Opening Eng Lyrics - Isekai Showtime by Ains, Kazuma, Subaru & Tanya

Here's an invitation from the other world....

The other world,
It's the other world
Strange thing is waiting for you
The other world, it's like a dream..

I won't let you go home, i won't let you go
I won't let you return back to your world
It's a forbidden passport...
It's a stroy of four countries..
Once a week,
There's a gathering of the other world (isekai) quartet..

The other world,
It's the other world
Here's the dangerous journey

E, e, e, e, eh...

Other world showtime, you have no choice..
You'll hear the warning bell again today...
It's not strange when anything happens...
That's the same as reality...

I won't let you go home,
I won't let you go
Isekai x4 Ah....
It's showtime!

*This story is a work of fiction
Please use as directed

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