Rise Rise Beyblade Burst Lyrics (Beyblade Burst Rise Opening) - Jonathon Young

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Beyblade Burst Rise Opening Lyrics - Rise Rise Beyblade Burst by Jonathon Young

Rise! x3
Beyblade Burst!

Gotta find a way to go next level..
Cause a hero's gotta fight to survive..
Let it rip into a high stakes battle..
Resonance makes us come alive...
3! Woah oh oh
2! Woah oh oh
1! Woah oh oh
Cause when the warriors are destiny

Woah oh oh
3, 2, 1, GO!

(Rise!) Everybody wants to
(Rise!) Be the hero
(Rise!) Till the next battle
Beyblade Burst! (Rise!)

Keep slide and beat the
(Rise!) Hold up now
(Rise!) Be the champion
Beyblade Burst!

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